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 icon weaver 
since 12/16/98
[ f r e s h ]
last updated  November/08/01

some coffee cans from native taiwan 11/3/98

duracell like battery11/19/98
this is a beginning of native fruits practice~11/28/98
santa claus for the holiday12/4/98
the hydrant, the extinguisher12/21/98
some miscellaneous things...the meatball soup is one of my favorite taiwanese foods~ 12/23/98
the pillar boxes in taiwan 12/27/98
i try to change the interface of my page, these are original email types in next version. 12/28/98
plugs and sockets 12/29/98
onion, unknow beans, snow peas, green soybeans !

pringles potato crisps! here are sour cream 'n onion, cheez ums, original flavors. 01/07/99

western architectural capital.
though i wonna draw the corinthian order, it's too complex for me. ...:P  01/26/99

wheel biscuit 
(tasty taiwan snack!)
it seems coming from japan, now you could easily find the hawker in the taiwan street. here are cream & red beam flavor. 01/26/99

color imac!(imac trademark  belongs to apple computer inc.)01/28/99

during the lunar new year we have traditional custom -gambling with family. mahjoung is one of my favorite item. 02/15/99

some gods from daoism and buddhism. 02/15/99

about dog food~ (10 icons)03/03/99

about mazinger z (6 icons)04/07/99

about play station (5 icons)
one is contributed by my good friend - surform!! 05/04/99

kinds of beer~(14 icons)
for drwaing these icons, i drank all of these beer!! 05/15/99

ken&ring (the primary school boy & girl ( 8icons)
while i was a kid, i had to wear the funny uniform and hair style. the girls also had to. recording this period of time, i made these icons.

taiwan traditinal architecture


ericsson mobile phone T39mc


mac stuff   now availble!
i created icons on the pc platform at first, so when i tried to transfer these icons to mac platform meeting some troubles...

the color platte of pc are different from the mac's.
i could only transfer some to mac platform and will still go on....

i praticed making icons with the resedit, photoshop and plugin iconbuilder on the mac platform. 

pc stuff

some mails asked me what kind of software do i used on pc platform, about this question...
microangelo and photoshop
are my favorite!
actually for my opinion, sofware are not a big deal, you could find lots of good tutorials on my linksite page.
they are really helpful for icon creating~