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 icon weaver 
since 12/16/98
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last updated 01/12/99
  icon factory [mac]
the iconfactory is a very great icon site, it offer lots of excellent icons and also detailed tutorial on line.  
the iconfactory found in 1996 by corey marion, gedeon mahuextalos tsui, they redesign theira page in 1997. now they add craig  hocken berry, dave brasgalla members.  
if you are designing icons, you should take part in their icon design contest [Pixelpalooza]!!
  calle's homepage [mac]
calle(carl johan rehbinder) comes from sweden, he created not only icons also many great multiart work on his site!!  he also offers abundant contents. 
  pixelpress [mac]
gary gehiere studied independtly in graphics two years ago. after two months, he could make icons....    
his icons are very colorful and pleasant!!
  elephantastic productions [mac]
kaos is young and talented, he is the Systems Manager, Graphic Artist, Web Master, Assistant-Graphic Arts Director.... 
  mozco! grasp! [mac pc]
mozco's icon represent the reality with the special light and shadows. it's hard to believe mozco could creative such vivid things in the tiny area. 
his tutorial are very useful for the beginner or even veteran!
  hide's icon showcase [mac]
i appreciate hide's icons very much. his daily miscellaneous stimulate me to creative the native motif icon.
  kh software factory(japanese)[pc]
kh software factory site are made by yoshiaki hashimoto. hashimoto are very young, you could find icons making software (jp version) and lots of iconist posted thier work here~ including mine:P
  m's factory [pc]
m's factory is a great site for pc icons. masatoshi ueji is a system engienneer but his design are very pure and clean.
  nami [mac]
nami (nami yoshida) is a female illustrator from japan. 
although she isn't concentrating on making icons, she transfered her cute illustrations to icons. these are kind of primitive sense. get these icons to change the different tone on your desktop~ 
 in the global village, we are the members of the icon circle through the net. on this page, i'll try to introduce the icon site of the world including the background of iconists, the creating motive, etc.. 

 although lots of icon designers are graphics designer, illustrator or even engineer. but the term iconist show somehow  the special field of digital art! hummm....i love this word....  

during my making icons process, i wrote some 
mails to calle discussing different background and culture of each other. 
calle comes from sweden, he created not only icons also many great illustrations. you could find lots of works from his site!!