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 icon weaver 
since 12/16/98
do you think what an icon is?                    [chinese]

icon (greek image). religious pictures used as an object of worship and often portraying the virgin and child. the term is particularly used of pictures of the byzantine school and later of russian school. russian i.s show clear derivation from byzantine art and maintained a stylized convention of composition and posture...... 
~the thames & hudson dictionary of art and artist 1994

but the word "icon" is usually used by people today as those tiny graphics on the computer desktop. these icons represent applications, you could easily click or drag and drop them to execute the program. 
though these explanations of art dictionary still don't certify this kinda artform. 

lots of artists involved in creating icons. they are even regard as iconists. 

so this is a icon fetish site~ 
welcome to the icon weaver!!  

in the digital age,we use the smallest element-pixel  to create icons on computer, just like those weaver weaving the great work. 

so i name the site as icon weaver.... 

wish you will enjoy these tiny icons. 

if you have any questions and suggestions, please e me!!