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=Icon Links

Dedicated to the seemingly non-existent art of designing awesome freeware icons for the Mac. The workers here almost single-handedly started the icon art renaissance. Also home of Icondropper!
The Iconfactory
Evil Peacock's Icon Extravaganza A tremendous collection of links to icon and Japanese icon sites. This site is much more than just an icon site index, so have a good look around!
A growing site with it's own domain name too! The Icon HQ has joined forces with the Epoch Icons, so expect to see many more sets coming from here!
Epoch Icons
The IconPlanet has many great sets and even maintains an 'Icon Wish List'. Many of the icons here are based onpopular themes such as T.V. shows and cartoon characters. Also has email postcards, surveys and how-to pages. Check it out!
Hundred of pages for you to explore, in addition to the icon pages. There's well over a thousand icons here so be prepared to spend some time looking around!
Calle's Custom Icons
This site is the creation of Forrest Walter (a.k.a. Gort), and has links specifically to hardware icons, and the sites from which they came. If you are looking for a great looking icon to match peices of your hardware, this is the place to go first! Contains icons from PixelPress, The Iconfactory and many more!
Hardware Icons
This is Forrest Walter 's other site, with more pf his own icons. In addition to his He-Mac and Hardware Edition icon sets, he also has lots of icons of his own art, which is really neat! Great looking site! Be sure to check out some of Forrest's other pages too!
Gort's Icons
A simple yet elegant bit of nostalgia dedicated to 8 bit icons, Etherknot is a delightful and sometimes light hearted break from the usual fare. Small, but fun!
Hide's Icon Showcase houses the works of one of the icon communities most highly praised artists. Many of Hide's older sets are of food, but his newer sets cover many topics (including lots of iMac stuff) and are all great.
Hide's Icon Showcase
Sarah's Icon Parade Even though this site is dominated by a massive links section for both Mac, PC and the web, Sarah is a prolific icon artist in her own right. Updates are made often, but you'll need to pay attention or you could missout on seeing her own work.
Bad Moon Icons Download the Bad Moon Icon List for Hotline Client. Many icon artists contribute to The Bad Moon Icon List, Including pixelpress. Also, check out some of the Bad Moon Software & Hotline Toolbars. A wicked site! Be forewarned, that all the files are on his hotline server.
Mac Vespa Icons This site has only two icons sets, but they are really, really well done! If you love the Vespa, or just want to see some great icons of a difficult subject matter, you've got to see these! The author has mentioned he may start his own icon site someday (let's hope he does!)
PixelBase PixelBase, a.k.a. The Capital of the Icon Community, has links, interviews, and editorials all about icons and icon artists. It also is updated everytime a major icon site is updated. These guys are really dedicated!

=Software Links

Hotline Communications Yes, there is more to the web! Follow this link and get Hotline's Client Software, and find out what everyone's talking about!
Apple-Matic Download freeware AppleScripts, applets and browse the list of web resources. This is my other site, where I've put all the AppleScripts that used to be here.
Gui-Central The home of clip2icns, at this time the only way to easily make 32-bit icons for MacOS 8.5. This site is really cute! It looks like it's loading the MacOS!!